The InTowner

An Independent Voice for Washington, DC

May 25, 2020

After the sudden loss of The InTowner publisher, Peter Wolff, in April, 2020, I asked his partner if I could continue publishing news under The InTowner banner. He agreed that would be a good thing to do. Memorial Day seems a fitting day to start. I miss Peter–we spoke several times a week while I was writing for him–and I miss local reporting. With the pandemic of COVID-19 still raging (I survived infection myself), I have fewer distractions for devoting time to developing this site for local journalism, and it is a welcome opportunity.

I will try to update The InTowner several times a week with important news of the Dupont Circle and surrounding communities. Peter worked hard to bring solid news and analysis that was fair and balanced, and I will strive for the same. I have added a new tagline to the name of the newspaper and it is “An independent voice for Washington, D.C.” I promised to be just that. If I stray, I want and expect to hear from you.

–William G. Schulz

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