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Before The InTowner publisher Peter Wolff’s sudden death in April, he and I had an in- depth discussion about The InTowner’s endorsement for Ward 2 City Council. Peter and I were leaning toward recommending two candidates, one of them being Kishan Putta. Putta was and is my choice. I cannot speak for Peter’s choice because he was not fully decided. But Peter agreed that Putta deserves an InTowner recommendation for the following reasons: 

1. Kishan Putta has a record of achievement in Ward 2, having served as an ANC commissioner in both Dupont Circle and Georgetown. He has comprehensive knowledge of Ward 2 neighborhoods and the issues constituents face. 

2. Putta’s support for public health in DC and his work implementing Obamacare/DC Healthlink. This has served DC well in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic and he has the support of Obama Administration Surgeon General and Ward 2 voter, Vivek Murthy.

3. Putta’s effective advocacy in Ward 2 for improved public transportation, especially the 16th St. bus routes but also safe bike lanes and other modes of travel. 

4. His work on behalf of Stead Park at 17th and P St., NW–including as a board member of Friends of Stead Park–resulting in $15 million to support a new community center. In 2013, The InTowner, wrote that Putta’s successful park advocacy was a “classic example of how the District of Columbia’s budgetary and legislative process should ideally work.”

5. Putta’s advocacy for improved public safety and support for the DC Metropolitan Police Force. 

6. Putta’s support for DC public schools including fighting to get personal computers for every student. 

7. Putta’s support for public campaign finance and rejection of corrupt, special influence support.

8. His independence, open mindedness and connection with the people of Ward 2. 

9. Putta’s support for small business and the economic vibrance of Ward 2.

We considered and discussed every candidate. Then as now, I speak as an independent journalist. Kishan Putta stands out amidst a crowded field of highly competent opponents. Your vote matters. I recommend that Kishan Putta deserves your vote for Ward 2 City Councilmember.–William G. Schulz

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